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How to Draw a Bonfire

During outdoor activities, people generally light bonfires at night. When the bonfire illuminates the space where people are, the surrounding temperature rises, and it becomes the warmest light spot in the boundless night.

All can circle, run, and sing around the campfire. If conditions permit, you can also enjoy barbecue and wine, and enjoy freedom in the nature away from the disturbance!

how to draw a bonfire -

In today's simple drawing tutorial, we are going to draw a bonfire in the wild. You won't have any confusion about how to complete it, just follow our instructions step by step!

How to Draw a Bonfire Step by Step

Step 1 Draw the left half of this fire

how to draw a bonfire -

We're going to divide this drawing into three parts: the fire, the wood, and the background. Let's start by drawing the fire.

You can go from bottom left to top right, or reverse the order and draw three mountain-like shapes to get the left half of the flame.

You need to notice that these "mountains" slope more and more to the left as you go down.

Step 2 Draw the right half of this fire

how to draw a bonfire -

In this step, we first draw the highest "mountain" completely. Then draw the other two mountain shapes in turn.

You'll notice that the two "mountains" on the right are both higher than the corresponding "mountains" on the left.

Of course, this is not absolute, nor does it need to be precise. You can boldly try according to your own ideas!

Step 3 Draw the bottom of this fire

how to draw a bonfire -

In the third step of this how to draw a bonfire tutorial, we're going to draw the bottom of the fire.

Draw a curved line from left to right, forming a "U" shape, joining the bottom of the left section with the bottom of the right section.

So we get the outline of this fire. It looks like a hand with five fingers too!

Step 4 Draw the inner flame of this fire

how to draw a bonfire -

Next we are going to draw the inner flame inside the fire. It's easy to do, as easy as you draw this fire shape!

You can do it by following the three steps above and draw a "V" shape when drawing the bottom of it.

So far, we have drawn the fire of the bonfire. Next we're going to add some sparks next to it.

Step 5 Draw some burning sparks

how to draw a bonfire -

Add a spark between every two adjacent peaks. Then add another two sparks.

The shapes of these sparks can be drawn as water droplets, fallen leaves or other shapes.

This doesn't need to be precise, so you can do this step quickly and easily.

Step 6 Draw wood

how to draw a bonfire -

Below the fire, draw a long line from top left to bottom right. Then draw a curved line from top to bottom connecting its left end.

Above that long line draw another line from top left to bottom right. Then connect the right ends of these two lines with a curved line.

So far we have drawn the outline of a piece of wood. Then add a few lines and a swirl on it.

Step 7 Draw another wood

how to draw a bonfire -

In a similar way to the step above, we draw another piece of wood at the bottom of the fire.

The two pieces of wood are about the same length. And they cross together to form an "X" shape.

On this wood, we will also add lines and spiral to make it more textured.

Step 8 Draw the ground and the sky

how to draw a bonfire -

Draw a wavy line from left to right, and don't draw the part where it overlaps the bonfire. So you get the ground.

Then draw some stars in the sky. This will make the drawing more lively and interesting!

You could also consider drawing a tent or a forest, etc., or even some wild animals!

Step 9 Color this bonfire

how to draw a bonfire -

Finally let's color in this bonfire drawing. It doesn't have complicated details, so you won't feel any confusion!

We will choose orange and yellow for the fire. Then the wood will generally choose brown.

Congratulations! We really hope you enjoy this bonfire. Enjoy the process of drawing and summarize what you can correct and improve.

how to draw a bonfire -

Download the PDF

Maybe you want to download this drawing tutorial. Just click the link below and you can get the PDF on "How to Draw a Bonfire", it's free and printable. In addition to this, the pages of this PDF also contain a coloring page and the final artwork.