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How to Draw a Castle

When it comes to European castles, the first thing that comes to mind is tallness, mystery, luxury and court balls. If you have the opportunity to walk quietly in the castle, you will seem to be returning to centuries ago in a trance.

We often see castles in cartoons or movies! In the Middle Ages, castles were war fortresses built by nobles or royal families to defend their territories. Now, they have become one of the most beautiful buildings on earth, synonymous with fairy tales and dreams.

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Maybe every child more or less fantasizes about being an innocent princess or a handsome prince in a castle, living a carefree life in a luxurious castle.

How to Draw a Castle Step by Step

Step 1 Draw the flag of this castle

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There is a flag on top of this pretty castle. We will draw it first in the first step. Then continue to draw the castle.

Start by drawing a small oval. It is the top of the flagpole. Draw two straight lines down from its bottom as a pole. You need to notice that the two lines are further apart from each other as you go down.

Draw a wavy line to the right from the bottom of that oval. Then below it, draw another wavy line of the same length along it.

Finally connect the right ends of the two wavy lines with a straight line. This way we complete the flag for this castle.

Step 2 Draw a tower of this castle

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At the bottom of that pole, draw a line from left to right. At the top of this line are some rectangular bumps that look like Jack-o'-lantern's teeth.

Draw two short lines down from each end of this line. Then connect their bottom ends with a horizontal line. This way we have drawn the top of this tower.

Draw two long straight lines down from the bottom of the structure we have already drawn in this step to get the outline of this tower.

We can see such towers in many castles, and in ancient times soldiers could stand on it to guard and shoot arrows.

Step 3 Draw the wall to the left of this tower

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On the bottom left of that tower, we draw another shape like Jack-o'-lantern's teeth from left to right. But these "teeth" are the same length!

Draw a vertical line down from the left end of the shape you just got. Then draw a vertical line down from the right end of that shape as well.

The two vertical lines are the same length. And the vertical line on the right is a little further to the right than the left edge of the tower.

Connect the bottom ends of those two vertical lines with a horizontal line as well. We just drew the outline of a wall.

Step 4 Draw the wall to the right of this tower

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Next, we're going to draw a wall on the right side of the tower as well. It is where the gate of this castle is located.

In a similar way to drawing the tower, let's draw the top of the wall first. Then draw two straight lines down from its bottom.

Draw a line to connect the bottom ends of those two downward lines to get the outline of this wall.

Finally draw a line connecting the bottom edges of the walls on the left and right of that tower.

Step 5 Add details to the walls

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Let's look at the wall on the left where we're going to draw three small windows on it, near the top.

These windows are shaped like hamburgers. The bottom edge of each is a horizontal line, then an arched line joins its ends.

These windows have the same shape and are on the same level. The spacing between two adjacent windows is also close.

Add some exposed stones to this wall. Then draw some exposed stones on that tower as well.

Step 6 Draw the gates and windows of this castle

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In a similar way to the previous step, on the right wall, near the top, also draw three small windows.

Below these three windows, draw an arch. Then draw a slightly smaller arch inside it. Add some short lines between these two arches.

Draw three vertical lines inside the smaller arch. Then draw a small circle to the right of that line on the far right for the door handle.

Let's look at that tower again. Draw an "O" shaped window on it, the bottom edge of this window is horizontal. Add exposed stone above this window as well.

Step 7 Draw another tower of this castle

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On the right side of the wall with the door, we will also draw a tower, which is very similar to the one we have already drawn, they are nearly symmetrical.

Start by drawing the top of this tower. Then draw two vertical lines down from its bottom. Draw another horizontal line for the bottom edge of this tower.

Draw a bottom horizontal "O" shaped window on this tower just like we did in the previous step.

Finally add some exposed stones above and below this window, respectively. We just finished another tower of this castle.

Step 8 Draw the wall to the right of this tower

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Well, we have come to the eighth step of this castle drawing tutorial. We're going to draw the wall on the far right of this castle here.

This wall is very similar to the one on the far left, and you can follow steps 3 and 5 of this tutorial to complete it.

First draw the outline of this wall. Then after adding the four identical windows, draw the stones below them.

So far you have drawn this castle. You can also add a moat and road to it and more. It's even possible to add some vigilant soldiers on top of the walls and towers.

Step 9 Color this castle

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The castle's flag is red, and its pole is yellow. You can of course choose colors for them that you like.

The main color of this castle is brown. Then the windows and the stones are black and dark brown respectively.

Finally, look at the gate of the castle. We will choose a slightly dull pink for it. The door handle is also dark brown.

Plus, you can add shadows and highlights to your castle after basic coloring to make your art work even better!

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Download the PDF

Maybe you want to download this drawing tutorial. Just click the link below and you can get the PDF on "How to Draw a Castle", it's free and printable. In addition to this, the pages of this PDF also contain a coloring page and the final artwork.

Were there really crocodiles in the castle moat?

The moat plays a key role in the outcome of wars in many movies. In fact, moats are indeed not just built for aesthetics.

People usually think that the function of the moat is only to keep the castle at a certain distance from the outside world. In fact, the main function of the moat is to prevent the enemy from digging underground secret passages into the city.

Once the enemy has dug through the secret passage, not only can they avoid the strong first line of defense such as city gates and towers, but also directly sneak into the depths of the castle, and may even cause the wall to collapse.

Therefore, for the castle, the moat has a very important defensive function. It is also sometimes dug between the outer and inner walls of the castle, making its presence invisible to enemies from the outside.

It is worth mentioning that not all moats have water, and some moats are just a deep ditch with a steep slope.

It is only a legend that crocodiles were stocked in the moat in the past. The water-filled moat was mostly used for fish farming, and sometimes sharp sticks were inserted under the water to prevent the enemy from wading close to the castle.

Most of the castles were not made of stone?

Anyone who has traveled to Europe knows that castles are as common as churches. Some are preserved intact, while others have long since been completely abandoned. All castles built at any time seem to have one thing in common - they are all made of stone.

This is actually a huge misunderstanding. In ancient European castles, the main building materials were actually wood or rammed earth. It's just that with the passage of time, those sandy and wooden structures have collapsed or weathered and disappeared, leaving only some of the stone buildings we see today.

In the past it was not easy to find so many large stones to build a castle, so very few castles were built entirely of stones. Even many of the still grand castles, at that time, their peripheral defense buildings were mostly made of wood.