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How to Draw a Cat Easy

Cats are relatively common pets in households all over the world. The average lifespan of a cat is about 13-16 years, and a 4-year-old cat is equivalent to a 32-year-old human.

Cats are very clean animals, so they often lick their fur with their tongues. Cats can lick almost every part of their body.

how to draw a cat easy -

Cats are the sleepiest mammals, and most cats sleep about 16 hours a day. Its sleep is divided into several times, so the cat can get up at any time of the night.

How to Draw a Cat Step by Step

Step 1 Draw one ear of this cat

how to draw a cat easy -

This is a cat with eyes closed, as if sleeping, very cute! Let's draw the cat's left ear first.

Start by drawing an upside-down "V" shape that is slanted to the left, and that corner is smooth. This gives the outline of the ear.

Then from that corner, draw a smooth curved line towards the lower right to get the inner ear of this ear.

Step 2 Draw the cat's other ear

how to draw a cat easy -

The ears of this cute cat are symmetrical, so you won't be confused about how to complete the other ear.

Similarly, we first draw an upside-down "V" shape. Then draw a curved line from that corner to the lower left for the inner ear.

So far, we have drawn a pair of ears of this cat. You can use this method to complete the ears when drawing other mammals as well.

Step 3 Outline the cat's head and body

how to draw a cat easy -

It's a chubby cat, you can't even tell where its neck is. So, we'll draw the outline of its head and body in one go.

Draw a smooth curved line to get the top half of an oval. It should go past the bottoms of those two ears.

As we always say, you can also do this first and then add the cat's ears. For kids, this may be easier to accomplish.

Step 4 Draw the cat's face

how to draw a cat easy -

Before drawing the cat's face, we can find it through observation - the distance between its eyes, nose and mouth is very close.

Start by drawing two short curved lines from left to right for the cat's eyes. Their shapes are basically the same.

Draw a horizontal oval in the middle of these two eyes for the cat's nose. It has a small nose!

Draw a curved line at the bottom of this nose to get a "J"-like shape. Then add a short line to the right of it to complete the mouth.

Step 5 Draw the front legs of this cat

how to draw a cat easy -

Next, we're going to draw the cat's forelimbs on the sides of the body. They are so short and cute that they can't even touch each other!

Let's draw the front leg on the left side of the body first. It extends to the lower right, wide at both ends and slightly narrower in the middle.

In a similar way, draw another front leg on the right side of the body. This completes the cat's forelegs.

Step 6 Draw the cat's tail

how to draw a cat easy -

We're going to draw the cat's tail on the left side of the body. This is a curled tail. You can also draw it on the right side of the body.

Start drawing from the end of this tail. Draw a shape that resembles a water drop. Then draw a circle counterclockwise from the bottom of this drop.

Instead of closing the circle, draw a wavy line extending to the bottom right.

Step 7 Draw the pattern on this cat's face

how to draw a cat easy -

Before drawing the cat's other two legs, let's finish the pattern on its face. Of course, you can also add this detail after drawing the legs.

On the cat's forehead, draw a "V" shape in the middle. Then draw a slightly smaller "V" shape on each side of it.

In a similar way, add similar "V" shapes to the sides of the cat's face. They are symmetrical.

Step 8 Draw the back legs of this cat

how to draw a cat easy -

Alright, let's draw the two back legs at the bottom of the body, and make the body complete at the same time.

The back legs are also short, about the same length as the cat's front legs. But you need to notice that these two legs are wide at the top and thin at the bottom.

Finally draw a curved line from the right side of the body to the bottom left to the right back leg to complete the cat's body.

Step 9 Color this simple cat

how to draw a cat easy -

Finally let's grab the paint and color this cute cat, it's very easy, you'll enjoy it!

Here, we will color the cat gray. Then the nose and inner ears are pink, and the pattern on the face is black.

What color cat do you like? If you have a preference, you can choose your favorite colors to color this cat!

how to draw a cat easy -

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