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How to Draw a Cute Frog

There is a group of tadpoles in the pond, with big heads and black bodies. They are flicking their long tails and swimming around happily. These little tadpoles swim and swim, and after a few days, they grow two hind legs.

The little tadpoles swim and swim, and after a few days, two front legs grow. The tadpoles continue to swim, and after a few days, their tails become shorter. At some point, the little tadpoles's tails have disappeared. The little tadpoles finally turn into little frogs!

how to draw a cute frog -

Kids, do you already know? The first tadpole grow is the hind legs. Then, the tadpole grow two front legs. Before turning into a frog, the tadpole's tail will gradually shorten and disappear.

How to Draw a Cute Frog Step by Step

Step 1 Draw one eye of this frog

how to draw a cute frog -

This frog has big eyes that are hard not to notice. In today's drawing tutorial, we will start by drawing its eyes.

Start by drawing a big circle for the frog's left eye. You may need the aid of a coin or compass to do it.

At the middle height of this circle, a little to the right, draw a horizontal oval.

Then inside this oval, to the left, draw a small horizontal oval. This makes this eye really pretty!

Step 2 Draw the other eye of this frog

how to draw a cute frog -

To the right of the eye we've already drawn, we're going to draw another big eye that's exactly the same.

First draw a circle of the same size. Then add two ovals of different sizes to it in turn.

The two eyes are on the same level. And as you'll see later, the eyes drawn this way make the little frog look to the right.

You can make this little frog look different by adjusting the position and even the shape of the ovals in the eyes.

Step 3 Draw the outline of the frog's head

how to draw a cute frog -

This little frog has a triangular head with one corner pointing upwards. Compared with its eyes, its head is not too big.

You need to notice that every corner of this triangle is smooth, and every edge is a smooth curve.

Draw a triangle as shown above as the head of the little frog. Don't draw the parts where the triangle overlaps the eyes.

After drawing the outline of this head, it should be more or less symmetrical.

Step 4 Draw the face of this frog

how to draw a cute frog -

Below the middle of the eyes, draw two small circles of the same size. They're on the same level, which is the nose of this little frog.

Below the nose, draw a long curved line from left to right. Then draw another curved line below this line to connect its two ends. So you get a big mouth.

You need to notice that the distance between the mouth and the nose is greater than the distance between the eyes and the nose.

Add a small circle and a small oval to the left face of this frog. Do the same on the right face.

Step 5 Draw the body of this frog

how to draw a cute frog -

Now that we've finished the head of this little frog, it's time to draw the body at the bottom.

Draw a "U" shape at the bottom of this little frog's head. The body of this little frog is not much larger than the head.

You can also try making the frog's body wider, or smaller than the head. This should be fun!

Well, the head and body of this little frog are done. The next thing to do is to add limbs to it!

Step 6 Draw one of the front legs of this frog

how to draw a cute frog -

Let's start by drawing one of the front legs of this little frog, which is on the left side of the body.

Draw two curved lines from the left of the body to the bottom right to reach the body, thus creating an arm.

Then let's look at the foot again. It has three fingers. You can think of it as being made up of three ovals.

Finally on the body, on the left side of the body, draw three ovals of different sizes.

Step 7 Draw the other front leg of this frog

how to draw a cute frog -

By observing, you will find that the front legs of this little frog are symmetrical. So you won't be confused about how to finish the other front leg.

On the right of the body first draw two curved lines to get a leg. Then draw a foot on the right end of this leg.

Then draw three oval shapes of different sizes on the right side of the body as the pattern on the body.

Well, we are about to finish this cute little frog. Let's keep going.

Step 8 Draw the back legs of this frog

how to draw a cute frog -

Let's look at the front leg on the left. Below it, draw a curved line down from the left side of the body.

Then draw a big foot at the bottom of this curve. We only need to draw the two toes.

In a similar way, draw another thick leg of the little frog on the right side of the body.

After drawing this little frog, it is not difficult to find that it is symmetrical, except for its eyes.

Step 9 Color this cute frog

how to draw a cute frog -

This is a frog, so we only need to use two different shades of green when coloring. Then color its eyes black.

But some frogs are not completely green, you can search on the Internet to find out.

If you like frogs of other colors, you can completely realize them according to your own ideas when coloring.

Hope you like this little frog you finished and share your happiness with your family!

how to draw a cute frog -

Why are frogs green?

In nature, only chlorophyll can make plants appear green. It is precisely because chlorophyll mainly absorbs red and blue light in visible light, but does not absorb green light, so green light can pass through chlorophyll or be reflected, and many plants we see are green.

So, how do frogs without chlorophyll look green in human eyes?

The things that give different organisms different colors are called chromatophores. The body color of frogs is mainly green, which is determined by the three layers of pigment cells that line the skin.

The uppermost layer is the xanthophores. The transmitted blue light passes through this layer of cells and filters out the blue color, finally making the skin appear green. Some frogs do not have the last layer of xanthophores, and the color it shows is blue-green.

The pigment on the frog's body surface can not only prevent the damage of excessive ultraviolet rays, but also protect itself because its body color is similar to the surrounding environment.

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