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How to Draw a Cute Ghost

The colors of Halloween are black and orange. Black is for wizards, black cats, etc.; orange is for pumpkins, which used to be turnips. Noisy Halloween, it is easy to be liked by kids.

Grotesque masks, hollowed out pumpkins, witches on broomsticks, and more, the images people use to scare away evil spirits and demons are still hallmarks of Halloween.

how to draw a cute ghost -

In today's super easy drawing tutorial, we're going to learn to draw a ghost. It's doing its best to scare people, but it's so cute no matter how you look at it!

How to Draw a Cute Ghost Step by Step

Step 1 Draw the outline of the ghost's head

how to draw a cute ghost -

We'll draw the ghost's head first, and then add its arms and body. Let's get started!

Let's start by drawing an upside-down "U" shape as the outline of the ghost's head.

This "U" shape is left-right symmetrical. And this ghost's head is not small!

Step 2 Draw an arm of this ghost

how to draw a cute ghost -

On both sides of the bottom of the head, we'll draw the ghost's arms. They are all very short!

Here we first draw the left arm of the ghost. You can start by drawing an oval hand, leaving a gap on the right side of the hand.

Add two curved lines to the right side of the hand to complete the arm.

Step 3 Draw the other arm of this ghost

how to draw a cute ghost -

We've already drawn one of the ghost's arms in the previous step. Here we will go on to finish another one.

Similarly you can draw an oval hand first and leave a gap on the left side of it.

Add two more curved lines to the left side of the hand, and we're done drawing the ghost's right arm.

Step 4 Draw one eye of this ghost

how to draw a cute ghost -

We've already drawn the ghost's head and arms. Next you can either draw the body first, or add its face first.

Here we decided to draw the ghost's face first - starting with its eyes.

At the middle height of the head, draw a circle for one of the ghost's eyes. Just draw a circle without adding any other details.

Step 5 Draw the ghost's other eye

how to draw a cute ghost -

To the right of the already drawn eye, we will draw another eye for this ghost.

This eye we will draw a little smaller. Of course, you can also reverse the size of the two eyes.

You need to notice that the bottoms of the two eyes are on the same level.

Step 6 Draw the ghost's mouth

how to draw a cute ghost -

Instead of adding a nose to this ghost, we draw its mouth directly below the eyes.

Draw a curved line from left to right. Then draw another curved line below it to connect its two ends to get the mouth. Leave a gap at the bottom of the mouth.

In that gap, we'll draw the ghost's tongue. It would make the ghost even more adorable, don't you think?

Step 7 Draw the left half of the ghost's body

how to draw a cute ghost -

Now that we've completely drawn the ghost's head, it's time for its body!

Let's look at the bottom of the arm on the left. From here draw a curved line towards the bottom left.

Then draw a wavy line to the right from the end of this line. This completes the left half of the ghost's body.

Step 8 Draw the right half of the ghost's body

how to draw a cute ghost -

Extend the wavy line we drew in the previous step to the right to complete the bottom of the ghost's body.

Then draw a line from the bottom of the right arm towards the bottom right to connect the right end of that wavy line.

So far, we have drawn a cute ghost floating in the air. It's super easy to do and you can easily add it anywhere you want!

Step 9 Color this cute ghost

how to draw a cute ghost -

Lastly, of course, is the coloring of this cute ghost. Its body can be left white - if you will add a background color, otherwise light gray is recommended.

Color the ghost's eyes and mouth black. Then color its tongue with two different shades of red.

Finally, choose the color you see fit and color the background for the drawing. This will have a better effect.

how to draw a cute ghost -

Download the PDF

Maybe you want to download this drawing tutorial. Just click the link below and you can get the PDF on "How to Draw a Cute Ghost", it's free and printable. In addition to this, the pages of this PDF also contain a coloring page and the final artwork.