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How to Draw a Field

In summer, the fields are full of red flowers, green grass, and a lush tree. The pond there is crystal clear and a beautiful lotus flower grows in the pond.

A winding road has been extending towards the distance, as if it has led to the end of the world. A beautiful butterfly is dancing among the flowers, and a white cloud floats in the blue sky. What a beautiful field scene!

how to draw a field -

How to Draw a Summer Field Step by Step

Step 1 Draw a horizon of the field

how to draw a field -

If you look closely at the finished field, you will see that the whole terrain is low on the left and high on the right.

When drawing this horizon, you need to grab this feature because it will determine where the road, mountains, tree, etc. will follow.

Draw a long curve from left to right, with the left lower and the right higher.

You need to leave a gap in this curve, in the next step we will draw a trunk through it.

Step 2 Draw the bushes and a trunk in this field

how to draw a field -

In this step, we'll quickly complete the two bushes on the left, and then draw the trunk of a big tree.

On the left end of that horizon, first draw a wavy line to get a bush. Then add another wavy line to the right of it to get another bush.

Draw a thick trunk through the gap you reserved. It is roughly thicker as it goes down and has a branch on each side of it.

Draw a spiral on the left of the branch on the right. Then draw two lines along the edges of the trunk.

Step 3 Draw the canopy of the tree

how to draw a field -

The canopy is above the horizon and is wider.

First draw the sides of this canopy with wavy lines, then draw a wavy line from left to right to connect their bottoms.

This is a big, lush tree, and you can also add some wavy lines to the canopy for a depth-of-field effect.

Alternatively, you can add some fruit, or flowers, to the tree.

Step 4 Draw the hills in this field

how to draw a field -

The hills in this field are so small that you can even think of them as hillsides.

Take a point above the first bush. Draw a smooth curve to the right from this point to that horizon.

Then take a point on this curve and draw a curve to the right from this point to the canopy of that tree to get another hill.

To the right of that tree, take a point from that horizon, and draw a curved line from that point toward the upper right.

Step 5 Draw a pond in this field

how to draw a field -

Below the horizon, to the left of that tree, we're going to draw a nice pond.

First observe the shape of this pond. It looks like a mutated "3", or a slanted heart.

After drawing the outline of this pond, add lines along its edges to get the shore.

Draw a wavy line at the top of this pond as a bush. Then draw some flame-like shapes for the grass.

Step 6 Draw a bush and a butterfly

how to draw a field -

On the bottom left of this pond, we draw a bush with wavy lines. Given that we've drawn several bushes earlier, you should be pretty good at it.

Draw a long curved line from the right end of this bush towards the right. Then draw a slightly shorter curved line below it.

At this moment, do you feel that the drawing is a bit boring and seems to lack something alive?

To do this, we will draw a butterfly next to this newly drawn bush and will add some flowers in the next steps.

Step 7 Draw a path and a bush

how to draw a field -

We drew a bush in the previous step. Now add four flowers on it.

The flowers are similar in shape, even size, with five petals each. After completing one of them, you can finish the rest skillfully.

Start at the top of the hill on the far left and draw lines to the bottom right to get a winding path.

On one side of the path, draw a bush to the right of that tree and add two flowers to this bush.

Step 8 Draw a cloud and a lotus

how to draw a field -

Draw a large cloud in the sky, its shape is close to a triangle.

You can also add the sun, rainbow, birds, and more clouds to the sky if you want.

Let's look again at that beautiful pond. Start by drawing an oval with a gap in the middle at the top. Then draw a lotus flower.

So far we have completed the field in summer. Is it what you want to look like?

Step 9 Color this summer field

how to draw a field -

The coloring of the field is mainly green, but it is divided into different shades of green, which makes the whole drawing more vivid and layered. If you have a different opinion on the choice of colors, please experiment freely and boldly, this is your work and you have absolute control over it.

how to draw a field -

Download the PDF

Maybe you want to download this drawing tutorial. Just click the link below and you can get the PDF on "How to Draw a Field", it's free and printable. In addition to this, the pages of this PDF also contain a coloring page and the final summer field.