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How to Draw a Kite

The kite was invented by the Chinese and has a history of more than 2,000 years. When the weather is fine, kites can use the power of the wind to fly high in the sky. In ancient times, it was not only used for kids to play, but even in the military to transmit information.

The way to make a kite is very simple, just need bamboo and thin paper. First make the skeleton of the kite, which can be any shape, then paste the paper on it, and finally tie a long thin thread.

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How to Draw a Kite Step by Step

Step 1 Draw the outline of the kite

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We need to draw four straight lines first. The longer two on the left are the same length, as are the shorter two on the right.

You can start by drawing two short lines that form a right angle. Then take a point on the bisector of this angle and get a kite shape by connecting it with the ends of the two short lines.

Step 2 Add the skeleton of the kite

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After completing the outline of this kite, it is very simple to add its skeleton.

You should notice it's a quad with four points. You just need to connect the four points and draw two straight lines.

Step 3 Continue to draw skeleton

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Take two points on one of the longer edge lines of this kite. Then follow the same way and length to take two points on the other longer edge line as well.

Also take two points on the existing longer skeleton line. You can position them arbitrarily, as long as they do not exceed the intersection of the existing skeleton lines.

Then connect the points that have been taken, just like the picture above.

Step 4 Then draw the tail of the kite

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We've drawn the main body of this kite, easy to do isn't it? Now find the end of it.

From this end, draw a wavy line towards the lower left. You can also do it in two steps by drawing two curved lines.

Step 5 Add decoration to the tail

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Draw a triangle to the left side of the line, with one angle facing the line. This angle should be the smallest one, and the other two angles should be slightly larger, and try to be the same size.

In the same way, add a triangle on the other side of this line.

Step 6 Continue to add decoration

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As in the previous step, near the middle of this line, we add two more triangles.

Did you notice that the two triangles are slightly smaller?

Step 7 Add decoration again

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At about the same interval, add two more triangles to the line.

We can start by taking three equally spaced points on the tail to make it easier to draw.

Step 8 Add the last triangle

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Find the end of this tail and add a triangle along its direction.

At this point, a basic kite is drawn. You can also try adding your own unique design on it.

Step 9 Color this kite

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Color this artwork, you can choose the color you want without any burden at all. But our suggestion is to choose bright colors with a little more color, which will make this kite even more beautiful!

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Download PDF Tutorial

Maybe you want to download this drawing tutorial. Just click the link below and you can get the PDF on "How to Draw a Kite", it's free and printable. In addition to this, the pages of this PDF also contain a coloring page and the final artwork.