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How to Draw a Lion

African lions are mainly found in sub-Saharan areas. The lion is the only cat in the world with different male and female forms. It is the most social animal among the big cats and forms a powerful lion pride.

Male lions have manes, but female lions do not, and male lions are generally larger than female lions. The hunting in the lion group is mainly done by the lionesses, mainly capturing antelope, wildebeest, zebra, bison and other animals.

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When hunting, lions always approach their targets cautiously, and try to hide themselves by using all the terrain and plants that can be used as cover. Get within about a hundred feet of prey, then make a sudden, swift lunge at the target.

How to Draw a Lion Step by Step

Step 1 Draw this lion's mane

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Like we already mentioned, only male lions have manes. So the lion we are going to draw here is a male lion.

When drawing the mane, you also need to take into account that we are going to draw the lion's face in the middle of the mane.

You can think of drawing this lion's mane as drawing many strands of hair.

Draw the middle section first, then add the rest on its sides. This might be a better drawing order.

Step 2 Draw the outline of the lion's head

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After drawing the upper part of the male lion's mane, we are not in a hurry to draw the rest, but draw the outline of its head first.

The head of this lion is roughly round. In the process of drawing, you also need to draw the effect of fur.

After drawing the outline of the upper part of the head, we will add the lion's ears on both sides of the top of the head.

Inside each ear, we're going to draw lines along the edges to get the inner ear.

Step 3 Complete the outline of the lion's head

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We have drawn the outline of the upper part of the head in the previous step, and in this step we will complete it.

The outline of this lower part is a bit like the lower part of a heart. You can finish it off by adding inconspicuous guidelines.

When drawing this lower part, you also need to draw the fur effect. This will make this lion look more real and majestic!

You need to pay attention to the orientation of these hairs. After capturing the main features, you can do this step more freely without being precise.

Step 4 Complete the lion's mane

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We've already drawn the top half of the mane and the male lion's head, so it will be easy to complete the bottom half of the mane.

You may have noticed that the outline of the mane on the lower half is a bit closer to the lower half of the head.

But when drawing the lower part of this mane, you can be more casual and draw the flowing feeling of the hair.

You can do this step from left to right, then let's move on to drawing the face of this lion.

Step 5 Draw the eyes and eyebrows of this lion

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If you draw a horizontal line at the middle height of this lion's face, you will find that its eyes are almost exactly above this horizontal line.

Let's finish the left eye first. Start by drawing a vertical oval. Then draw three ovals of different sizes in turn, and add a black dot to the innermost oval.

Above this eye, draw a curved line that slopes to the left from left to right. Then draw another curved line to connect its two ends, thus getting a crescent-shaped eyebrow.

The face of this lion is symmetrical from left to right. You can draw the eye and eyebrow on the right in a similar way.

Step 6 Draw the nose and mouth of this lion

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In this step, we are going to draw a wide nose first. Then draw the male lion's mouth. It's smiling and looking kind.

Start by drawing a shape that resembles panties. Adding two short lines from top to bottom connects its ends to get the lion's nose.

Below the nose, draw a symmetrical wavy line from left to right. Then add two short lines at its ends for the corners of the mouth.

At the bottom of that wavy line, add two curved lines from left to right. Then draw an oval to enclose the mouth.

Step 7 Draw one of the front legs of this lion

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We have already drawn the head of this lion. It was really not easy, you did a great job! Next, we'll draw a front leg before drawing its body.

Draw a straight line from the bottom middle of the head down to the left. Then draw another straight line to the right of it, sloping to the right, to get a leg.

Draw four toes at the bottom of this leg. They get smaller from left to right. You should have a gap on each toe.

Finally draw an inverted triangle in each gap. These are the sharp claws on this foot.

Step 8 Draw the body and legs of this lion

how to draw a lion -

In this step, we will draw the other front leg first. Then draw the body, one back leg and the tail in turn.

On the left of the already drawn leg, draw a curved line from top left to bottom right to this leg. Then draw a toe on the right of that leg. This completes the other front leg.

On the right of the first leg we drew, also draw a curved line from top right to bottom left. This is the lion's body, only part of it exposed.

Draw a back leg on the right side of the body. And the other back leg is blocked, so we can't see it and don't need to draw it.

Draw a curved line on the right side of that back leg. Then draw another curved line along it. Finish off the lion's tail by drawing an upside-down drop shape at their ends.

Step 9 Color this lion

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The lion's body color is light gray, yellow or brown. Male lions also have manes, which are light brown, dark brown, black and so on.

Here we will mainly choose red and yellow to color this beautiful lion. Then choose pink for the inner ears, black for the eyebrows, eyes, and nose, and dark brown for the claws.

If you could choose the colors, how would you color the lion? Think about it, you can do exactly what you want.

Finally, we would like to say that you can also try to draw the living environment of this lion. While this will increase the difficulty, it will definitely bring the drawing to life!

how to draw a lion -

Download the PDF

Maybe you want to download this drawing tutorial. Just click the link below and you can get the PDF on "How to Draw a Lion", it's free and printable. In addition to this, the pages of this PDF also contain a coloring page and the final artwork.

What to know about lions

Very loud, talk by roaring

Lion cubs learn to roar from the age of 2, and roaring has become their only way of communication.

Sometimes you see them growling at each other, and it's not a fight—a lion's roar can travel thousands of feet in a real fight.

Sleep by day, hunt by night

Lions have excellent night vision and are six times more sensitive to light than humans, so they have the ability to start chasing prey after dusk.

After hunting, it takes another hour to eat. What do the lions do afterwards? Sleep! You may not believe it, but the lions sleep more than 20 hours a day.

Thick tail, like a whip

The lion's tail is long and thick, with a tuft of darker hair at the end.

Unlike other animals, their tails can not only maintain their balance and repel mosquitoes, but also transform into a steel whip when they fight with other animals to beat the enemy severely.