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How to Draw a Pond

In spring, the water in the pond is as clear as a smooth glass. In the clear water, small fish swim in groups, jumping out of the water from time to time, flapping their tails and breathing the fresh air. People on the shore can sit on the stones, bathe in the warm sunshine, and enjoy this beautiful season.

In summer, you can take a fishing rod to the pond to fish. There may be several beautiful lotus flowers blooming in the pond. Some butterflies and dragonflies are flying beside the flowers, like a big party, maybe sometime frogs will come to join the party. You can sit in the shade to escape the harsh sun, hum a song, and throw the hook into the water.

The autumn wind flies over the woods, over the pond, and the water surface is rippled. The leaves of the trees on the shore turned yellow and fell to the water with the autumn wind. The mushrooms by the pond have come to the harvest season, and they are scrambling to emerge, as if they want to jump into this pond to take a bath.

In winter, most of the water in the pond is already frozen, and snowflakes fall on the ice and disappear after a while. No one knows who built a snowman on the shore and stands stubbornly in the cold wind. Only the bare branches of the tree are left, with beautiful white snow hanging from the branches.

Although this is a small pond, it is a paradise full of magic. The colorful scenery throughout the year always attracts people's attention, and it is also the best childhood memory of many people!

how to draw a pond -

I have to say, the pond we are going to draw today is a little too quiet. You can try adding bees, butterflies, dragonflies, etc. next to the flowers.

And if you prefer fish, you can also draw small fish swimming freely in the water.

At the end of this tutorial, we'll also share with you some ideas on how to draw a year-round pond.

How to Draw a Pond Step by Step

Step 1 Draw the stones on the shore of the pond

how to draw a pond -

The pond is surrounded by stones, which can not only enter the role of reinforcing the bank, but also make the pond more beautiful!

These smooth stones are of different sizes and irregularities, so you don't have to worry about being imprecise when drawing.

Start by drawing a full stone, then add stones on both sides of it.

In the first step of this tutorial, we will try to draw four stones as an exercise.

Step 2 Draw the shore of one side of the pond

how to draw a pond -

Continue adding stones on both sides of those already drew.

Here we are going to draw a part of this pond, so draw its shore close to level, like a small river.

If you want to draw the whole picture of a pond, you can continue to draw stones to get a circle, oval or other shape of the pond.

You need to notice that these stones are relatively flat on the bottom!

Step 3 Draw the shore of the other side of the pond

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Let's look under that row of stones. We're going to draw a row of near-horizontal stones here as well.

Following the skills you have already mastered, start by drawing the stones on the left.

As you can see, the bottoms of these stones are also relatively flat, so that the stones can be placed stably on the ground.

Step 4 Finish this shore of the pond

how to draw a pond -

To the right of the already drew stones, continue adding stones in order from left to right.

After completing this row of stones, we have the outline of this pond.

Like we mentioned earlier, we just drew a part of this pond, so it looks like a river, you can try changing its shape.

Step 5 Draw the grass next to the pond

how to draw a pond -

Next we're going to add some plants above the upper row of stones, but not next to the lower row of stones.

We start by drawing a clump of grass on the left. Then draw another slightly larger clump of grass to the right of it.

You need to notice that the tops of these clumps are pointed and that they gradually thicken from top to bottom.

Step 6 Draw the bushes and grass next to the pond

how to draw a pond -

To the right of the already drawn grass, add some zigzag lines from left to right to get the low grass.

Then draw some wavy lines above them to get the bushes next to this pond.

The grasses are nearly horizontal, while the bushes are roughly triangular. You need to grab these main characteristics.

Step 7 Draw the mushrooms and flowers by the pond

how to draw a pond -

Next we are going to draw two little flowers. First draw an oval, then draw six petals around it to get a flower.

Draw a line down the bottom of the flower on the right for the stem. Then add three leaves to the bottom of the flower stem.

Add three cute small mushrooms to the right of these flowers. Then go ahead and add grass next to these mushrooms.

Step 8 Draw the grass and bushes next to the pond

how to draw a pond -

In step 8 of this how to draw a pond tutorial, we'll start by drawing a large clump of grass to the right of those mushrooms.

Add wavy lines to the left and above of the grass to draw the bushes behind the grass.

You can also try adding a large tree next to this pond. No two ponds are alike, you can be creative!

Step 9 Color this pond

how to draw a pond -

Congratulations, you've completed this beautiful pond, and it's time to color it. You can choose your own crayons or watercolor paints that you are used to.

The pond and sky are different shades of blue, while the stones are grey. For those grasses and bushes you will also choose different shades of green.

Choose bright and colorful colors to color flowers and mushrooms. You will love this and bring the whole drawing to life!

how to draw a pond -

Download the PDF

Maybe you want to download this pond drawing tutorial. Just click the link below and you can get the PDF on "How to Draw a Pond", it's free and printable. In addition to this, the pages of this PDF also contain a coloring page and the final pond.

How to draw the seasons of the pond

If you are going to draw a spring pond, add some birds next to this pond.

You can also draw a few ducks in the pond. On the shore is the green grass that has just grown.

If you want to draw a summer pond, draw some lotus flowers and lotus leaves in the pond.

Playful frogs sing in the pond or swim in the water.

If you were to draw an autumn pond, there might be some colorful fallen leaves floating in the pond.

The grass and flowers also look less spirited.

If you're drawing a winter pond, the cold pond is surrounded by snow.

On the shore, the kids might have built a snowman.

More cartoon ponds

Need some more practice drawing about ponds? Here are three cartoon pictures of ponds to inspire your work!

Mom duck and ducklings in the pond

how to draw a pond -

Fishing by the pond in summer

how to draw a pond -

Mice and a frog in the pond

how to draw a pond -