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How to Draw a Skunk

Few people haven't heard the name of the skunk - it can spray a very smelly liquid when it encounters its enemy. And at a distance of 3.5 meters, the skunk will generally not miss the target.

So most predators, like cougars, jaguars, etc., generally avoid skunks unless they are very hungry. The only exception is the American Eagle Owl, which has no sense of smell, so it doesn't dislike skunks at all.

how to draw a skunk -

How to Draw a Skunk Easy Step by Step

Step 1 Draw this skunk's face

how to draw a skunk -

Draw a small circle and add two curved lines to the right of it. This way we complete the nose of this skunk.

At the bottom of the nose, draw a curved line from left to right. This skunk's mouth is also finished.

Next, we draw an oval eye on the right of the nose. Add a curved line inside this eye, and draw three lines for the eyelashes around the edge of the eye.

Step 2 Draw the outline of the skunk's head and face

how to draw a skunk -

Draw the outline of this skunk's head, leaving two gaps. Draw an ear at the gap at the top of the head, and draw an inner ear.

Between the nose and eyes, draw a wavy line from top to bottom to get the outline of the face.

The head shape of this skunk is close to a circle, which is an important point to be aware of.

Step 3 Draw the neck and front legs of this skunk

how to draw a skunk -

Now that the skunk's head is done, we're going to draw its body. At the moment it is in a standing position.

Starting at the bottom of the head, draw a curved line down and to the right. Don't draw this line too short or too long.

At the end of this line, draw two front legs and feet. On one of the legs, draw the effect of fur with wavy lines.

Step 4 Draw the back and a big tail of this skunk

how to draw a skunk -

Starting on the right side of this skunk's head, draw a nearly horizontal line to the right to get the back. The line should be higher on the left and lower on the right.

Take a point on the upper right of the back and draw a curved line to connect to the right end of the back. Then from this point, draw a curved line down again.

We're going to make this tail bigger, not only for cute, but also one of the skunk's physical features.

Step 5 Add patterns to the back and tail of this skunk

how to draw a skunk -

Starting at the bottom of this skunk's ear, draw a curved line down. Draw another curved line from the end of this line to the right.

Close to parallel, draw another curved line from left to right on the back. This line is above the previous one.

Then draw the pattern on this skunk's tail. This is close to drawing a slightly smaller tail and you won't be stumped by it.

Step 6 Draw this skunk's belly and one leg

how to draw a skunk -

Near the tail, draw a back leg. It's thicker than the front leg, and has the same fur effect as a front leg.

Then add a curved line between one of the front legs and this back leg to get the skunk's belly. At the same time, the body of this skunk is also completed.

Notice that there is a small gap between this leg and the tail.

Step 7 Draw the back legs of this skunk

how to draw a skunk -

At the gap we observed earlier, draw a short curved line. Then draw a slightly longer curved line above it to make the leg complete.

To the left of this back leg, draw another back leg. It's on the other side of the body, so only part of it needs to be drawn.

Step 8 Add the background such as sky and grass

how to draw a skunk -

Draw clouds in the sky. Draw grass under this skunk's feet.

Of course you can also draw other skunk habitat as the background. Their habitat is diverse, including woods, plains, and desert areas.

Step 9 Color this cute skunk

how to draw a skunk -

The skunk has a black head with a long white stripe between its eyes. The broad white dorsal stripe begins at the nape and extends back to the base of the tail. It is recommended that you choose a dark color, and a darker color for the two legs on the other side of the body.

For the background, sky you can easily choose good color. And for the ground, you can search and learn about relevant geographic features and add appropriate colors.

how to draw a skunk -

Download PDF Tutorial

Maybe you want to download this drawing tutorial. Just click the link below and you can get the PDF on "How to Draw a Skunk", it's free and printable. In addition to this, the pages of this PDF also contain a coloring page and the final artwork.