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How to Draw an Aardvark

The aardvark is a large anteater that lives in Africa, living in grasslands and woodlands. Their size is similar to that of a kangaroo, and they are strong animals. Their claws are powerful, and good at digging holes. Lives by eating ants and termites.

Aardvarks live alone in deep burrows. They lack the ability to defend themselves, relying on their keen sense of hearing to perceive the external enemy situation, and hide or escape into the burrows as soon as possible.

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Aardvark has a poor memory and often forgets its old home, so its home is often borrowed by other animals. Large animals such as lizards, honey badgers, warthogs, pythons, cobras and even lions and leopards can be found in the holes dug by aardvarks.

How to Draw an Aardvark Step by Step

Step 1 Draw the ears of this aardvark

how to draw an aardvark -

This adorable aardvark has two big ears that look pretty obvious. They are shaped like flower petals.

First determine a point and draw two smooth curves downward from this point to get the outline of the ear on the right.

Inside this ear, draw two intersecting curved lines from top to bottom to form an eye shape to get an inner ear.

Identify another point to the left of that point. From this point draw two smooth curved lines down and down to the right to get the ear on the left.

Step 2 Draw the back and tail of this aardvark

how to draw an aardvark -

Next, we don't rush to draw the head of this aardvark, but draw its back and tail first.

Let's look at the ear on the right. Draw a long curved line from it to the lower right for the back of this aardvark.

Let's look to the right end of that curve and draw a curve from top left to bottom right.

Draw another curved line below the line you just drew to connect the bottom end of that curve to get the aardvark's long tail.

Step 3 Draw the nose of this aardvark

how to draw an aardvark -

In this step we will draw the long nose of this aardvark, which is like an elephant's nose. Actually, it's the aardvark's mouth!

Draw a long line from the left ear down to the left. Then along it, draw another curved line to the right of it to get the sides of this nose.

Draw a straight line to connect the bottom ends of those two lines. Then above this line, draw another line on the nose.

About the middle height of this nose, add two more curves to make this nose more texture.

Step 4 Draw a leg and belly of this aardvark

how to draw an aardvark -

We drew two long lines in the previous step for the sides of the nose. Now draw a line down from the upper end of the line on the right.

Then to the right of this line, draw a slightly shorter line along it, about half the length.

Connect the bottom ends of the two lines you just drew to get one of the aardvark's front legs. Add three triangles at the bottom of this leg for the sharp claws.

Finally draw the belly of the aardvark. You just need to draw a smooth curved line from that leg towards the bottom right.

Step 5 Draw one of the back legs of this aardvark

how to draw an aardvark -

In this step we are going to draw one of the back legs of this aardvark. After drawing it, you will be able to get the outline of the aardvark's body.

Let's look at the curve that is the belly. At its right end, draw a curved line from top to bottom.

To the right of the curve you just drew, draw another slightly longer curve down from the tail.

At the bottom of the two curved lines already drawn, also draw three sharp claws. You will find that they are all quadrilaterals.

Step 6 Draw the mouth of this aardvark

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Below the right ear, we're going to draw the aardvark's mouth. It is smiling happily.

Start by drawing a mirrored "C" shape. Then add a curved line that connects its ends and extends down and to the left. This gives the outline of the mouth.

Inside this mouth, draw a curved line from top to bottom. This gives you all the teeth of this aardvark.

Finally add a curved line next to this mouth. Well, the mouth of this aardvark is complete!

Step 7 Draw the eyes of this aardvark

how to draw an aardvark -

In this step, we will first draw a nice big eye on the face. Then add an eyebrow as well as the fur on the body.

Draw a big circle on the left side of the mouth. Then add a curved line to its lower right side.

Add a curved line inside that circle to get a "C" shape, and draw two small circles to the right of this curved line. Then paint the part between them black.

Add a thick curved line above the eye as an eyebrow for the aardvark. Then draw some curved lines on the body from top left to bottom right.

Step 8 Draw the rest of the legs of this aardvark

how to draw an aardvark -

If we look closely at this aardvark, we will find that there are still two legs missing. Let's go ahead and finish them!

Let's look at the completed front leg. To the left of it draw a straight line sloping to the right. Then draw three sharp claws at the bottom of it.

Similarly, on the left of the back leg that was already drawn, draw a short line down from the belly. Then add two claws.

So far, a cute and smart aardvark has been completed. Maybe you could also add a background to it as its living environment.

Step 9 Color this cute aardvark

how to draw an aardvark -

The last thing is to color this cartoon aardvark. We will choose pink for the front of its nose and inner ear.

Then we'll color the body of the aardvark brown and the claws gray.

Through simple coloring, we have completely completed the drawing. A cute and vivid aardvark appeared in front of us!

You can also try to choose which colors are more suitable for this aardvark yourself, although do it according to your own ideas.

how to draw an aardvark -

Download the PDF

Maybe you want to download this drawing tutorial. Just click the link below and you can get the PDF on "How to Draw an Aardvark", it's free and printable. In addition to this, the pages of this PDF also contain a coloring page and the final aardvark.