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How to Draw an Iguana

The appearance of lizards is rather peculiar, which is very different from our common animals, and may be closer to the appearance of dinosaurs in our impression. Godzilla, the sci-fi movie we are familiar with, was created with it as the object. In the movie, a lizard becomes incredibly tall after being affected by nuclear radiation.

Iguanas mainly live in the Americas and Madagascar, Fiji and Tonga and other places, as amphibious lizards. Iguanas don't bite, so some people keep them as pets.

how to draw an iguana -

How to Draw an Iguana Step by Step

Step 1 Draw the face of this iguana

how to draw an iguana -

Draw an oval and add a small oval inside it to get one of the iguana's eyes. You can change the look of this iguana by adjusting the position of the small oval.

To the left of this eye, draw a small oval at about the same level to get its nose. On the lower right side of this eye, add another small oval.

Draw a curved line from left to right under the eyes and nose. Then add equally spaced short lines to this line to complete the mouth.

Step 2 Draw the outline of the iguana's head

how to draw an iguana -

Draw a big oval on the right of the mouth. Then inside it, draw an oval next to the bottom right edge.

Add lines around the face to outline the head of this iguana. After drawn it looks like the head of a snake.

Step 3 Draw the throat of this iguana and front legs

how to draw an iguana -

Draw a front leg under the head of this iguana. Then draw another one next to this leg.

After drawing the front legs, let's draw its throat.

Below the mouth, draw a short zigzag line down. Then starting at the bottom of this zigzag line, draw a curved line down to the right to reach one leg.

Step 4 Draw the back and tail of this iguana

how to draw an iguana -

Starting on the right side of this iguana's head, draw a sloping, curved line to the right. This is the iguana's back.

Starting at the right end of this curved line, draw a mirror image of the "C". This is one side of this iguana's tail.

Step 5 Add scales to the back of this iguana

how to draw an iguana -

Start at the top of this iguana's head and add zigzag lines along its back to get its scales.

By observing, we can find that from left to right, the scales tend to become smaller.

After adding the scales, the iguana looks cooler and is also distinct from the snake.

Step 6 Draw a back leg and the body of the iguana

how to draw an iguana -

Starting from the right edge of the first leg we drew, past the top of the other front leg, draw a curved line to the right to get the body of this iguana.

Above this curved line, draw another nearly parallel line to get the iguana's belly. Add three stripes to the belly.

Then draw a back leg to the right of this iguana's belly. This leg is thicker than the front leg.

Step 7 Draw the body and tail of this iguana

how to draw an iguana -

Starting on the right side of the back leg drawn in the previous step, draw another mirrored "C" to get the outline of this iguana's body and tail.

Add a long line from left to right on the body. Then draw three more stripes.

Next draw some curved lines on the iguana's tail. At this point, the iguana is done.

Step 8 Add the sun and a branch as background

how to draw an iguana -

Under the body of this iguana, draw two lines from top left to bottom right as a branch. This branch is wide on the left and narrow on the right.

Add the sun and leaves to the drawing.

Step 9 Color this iguana

how to draw an iguana -

The back of the iguana is olive-brown or gray or light brown-black, and its body color can change with the environment and light intensity.

We generally choose brown for the branches, green for the leaves, and yellow for the sun. If you change the color of the background, you should also change the color of the iguana's body.

how to draw an iguana -

Download PDF Tutorial

Maybe you want to download this drawing tutorial. Just click the link below and you can get the PDF on "How to Draw an Iguana", it's free and printable. In addition to this, the pages of this PDF also contain a coloring page and the final artwork.