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How to Draw King Kong

King Kong is one of the classic monster images in the history of world cinema. It is a huge primate, similar in shape to a gorilla, but with a huge body and great strength. It has been put on the big screen many times, and its image has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

King Kong was first brought to the big screen in 1933, directed by Merian C. Cooper, the creator of King Kong. His love for gorillas stemmed from a storybook he read as a child called Adventures in Equatorial Africa.

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According to the description in the book, the gorilla is called "the king of the jungle" by the locals. And the size of the gorilla mentioned in the book was very huge, which left a deep impression on Cooper.

Later, he even dreamed of a giant gorilla making a scene in New York City, and even thought about letting the gorilla climb the world's tallest skyscraper at that time. The image of King Kong was born.

How to Draw King Kong Step by Step

Step 1 Draw the outline of King Kong's head

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King Kong's head is pear-shaped, like the back of a certain furry animal, such as Totoro in Miyazaki's movies.

When drawing this head outline, you need to draw a furry effect, so you need to use a lot of curves.

While this doesn't need to be precise, this head profile is roughly left-right symmetrical.

Draw hair at the top of the head and a sharp point at the bottom.

Step 2 Outline King Kong's face and add ears

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King Kong's face looks like a four-leaf clover or a skirt, which also needs to be drawn with a furry effect.

Start near the top of the head and draw an "M" shape. Then draw zigzag lines down from its two bottom ends, respectively.

Near the bottom of the head, draw a wavy line from left to right to connect the bottom ends of those two zigzag lines. This completes the outline of King Kong's face.

On the left side of the head, first draw a curved line to get the outline of the left ear. Then add lines to this ear to make it more realistic. Draw the right ear in a similar way.

Step 3 Draw King Kong's face

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Draw King Kong's nose on the face. It's at the narrowest part of the face, don't draw it too big.

After drawing the outline of the nose, add two small symmetrical ovals to the nose for the nostrils.

Draw King Kong's eyes on top of the nose. Its eyes are round, and each eye consists of three curved lines.

Draw King Kong's mouth below the nose. Unlike its eyes and nose, King Kong's mouth is big and shaped somewhat like a banana.

Step 4 Draw one arm and chest of King Kong

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In this step we will first draw the shoulder and arm on the left side of King Kong. Then draw its strong chest.

Draw a line from the left ear towards the lower left to get a shoulder, and draw a line below this line.

Then draw King Kong's left arm. This arm is very strong, and the fist is clenched, as if it were about to pound the chest.

Just below the head, draw a shape like an "m" and draw a short downward line just below it.

Draw a wavy line from left to right below that short line. Then draw two curved lines below this wavy line.

Step 5 Draw King Kong's other arm and waist

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In a similar way to the previous step, draw King Kong's right shoulder and arm.

The body of this King Kong is symmetrical, so you won't be unfamiliar with how to draw the shoulder and arm on this side.

Next we are going to draw King Kong's waist. Just draw a curved line from the bottom of each fist towards the bottom right or bottom left, respectively.

Finally we draw King Kong's strong abs between those two curves.

Step 6 Draw King Kong's legs

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Draw a curved line from the bottom of the fist on the left to the right, passing under the abs to the bottom of the fist on the right.

Then below this curve, draw two symmetrical curves along it.

The next step is to draw King Kong's legs. This King Kong's legs are not particularly strong, and it doesn't even look as strong as its arms.

The bottom edge of each leg is a wavy line, creating the fur effect.

Step 7 Draw King Kong's feet

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Below the two symmetrical curves we drew in the previous step, draw a wavy line from left to right to connect the two legs of King Kong.

Draw a big foot at the bottom of the left leg, like a human hand with only four fingers.

In a similar way, draw a foot at the bottom of the leg on the right.

At this point, a standing strong smiling King Kong is complete.

Step 8 Add background for King Kong

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Draw some wavy lines on both sides of King Kong's legs to get the background of many trees.

You can also draw some skyscrapers next to King Kong to show how tall it is!

If you've seen a movie about King Kong, you have a lot of options to draw a suitable and unique background.

Now that you've finished drawing a King Kong, let's color it.

Step 9 Color this cartoon King Kong

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When coloring this King Kong, all you need is black, pink and green crayons or watercolors.

But if you choose the same background as ours, then you need to prepare three different shades of green.

This King Kong has some delicate parts that should be paid special attention to when coloring, such as hair, face and so on.

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Download the PDF

Maybe you want to download this drawing tutorial. Just click the link below and you can get the PDF on "How to Draw King Kong", it's free and printable. In addition to this, the pages of this PDF also contain a coloring page and the final King Kong.

Introduction of King Kong

King Kong belongs to a creature called "Megaprimatus Kong". Since it is the last Megaprimatus Kong on the island in the movie, it is called King Kong , which means "King of Megaprimatus Kong".

The original origin of Megaprimatus Kong is uncertain, but the second origin may be Skull Island. It is a giant ancient ape.

It is inferred that they probably migrated from the interior of Asia two or three thousand years ago. The probable ancestor of King Kong is believed to be the famous prehistoric giant ape, Gigantopithecus.

The early King Kong members were brought to Skull Island by humans and served as human security guards, laborers and other roles in human society, and they were also regarded as "gods" or other worship objects.

Among King Kong's body language, the most iconic is the action of "tapping on the chest".

King Kong is a plant-based omnivorous animal. Like the giant panda, it especially likes to eat bamboo and other plants, but it also occasionally eats meat.