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How to Draw Rudolph

Once upon a time there was a reindeer named Rudolph, the only reindeer in the world with a red nose and the ninth reindeer of Santa Claus. Although he is still young, he is often seen as the lead reindeer, helping Santa pull his sleigh.

It is said that Rudolph was not so popular at first, but was ridiculed and ostracized by other reindeer because of his rare glowing red nose. Until one Christmas Eve, he helped Santa Claus, who got lost in the fog, pull his sleigh and get out of the fog, and the other reindeer changed their mind and everyone loved him.

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How to Draw Rudolph Step by Step

Step 1 Draw one of Rudolph's antlers

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Rudolph has a pair of beautiful antlers, like coral living in the sea.

For this how to draw Rudolph tutorial, the antlers are one of the trickier parts to draw. You need to concentrate to complete the first two steps.

For drawing this Rudolph's antler, you'll need to draw a center part first, and then draw some bulging shapes that branch out from it.

We don't draw these bulging shapes very sharp to get a less aggressive looking antler.

Step 2 Draw Rudolph's other antler

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In the second step of drawing Rudolph, you'll add another antler to its head. This antler is a mirror image of the one you drew earlier.

Of course, you don't need to pay special attention to whether the two antlers are completely symmetrical, even some slight differences are normal.

After you have completed the symmetrical pair of antlers, you can draw the outline of Rudolph's head in the next step.

Step 3 Draw the outline of Rudolph's head

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Having finished Rudolph's antlers, we will outline its head in this step of How to Draw Rudolph.

Start by drawing a circle at the bottom of the antlers. Leave a gap in its upper left corner, upper right corner and bottom.

Draw an ear in the gap in the upper left corner, and then draw an inner ear inside this ear.

In a similar way, draw the other ear and inner ear in the gap in the upper right corner.

For the parts where the ears and antlers overlap, you don't need to draw them. The same goes for the part where the outline of the head and the antlers overlap.

Step 4 Draw Rudolph's face

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About the center of the head, draw two small symmetrical ovals for Rudolph's eyes. The two small ovals should be vertical.

Not far below the eyes, draw a horizontal oval. This is Rudolph's big red nose.

Complete Rudolph's face by drawing a large oval on the outside of the nose.

This Rudolph's face is so simple, consisting of four ovals of different sizes, that probably no one has any doubts about how to accomplish it.

Step 5 Draw Rudolph's Scarf

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In this step, we will add a winter scarf for Rudolph. While it's not required, Rudolph in a scarf would be cuter.

You can start by drawing an oval, without drawing the part where it overlaps the head. And leave a gap in the lower left corner of this oval.

Draw two lines down from that gap, the one on the right is slightly longer. Then connect their ends with a line.

Step 6 Draw the left side of the body

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In this step, we're going to draw the left side of Rudolph's body - actually the two legs on the left.

Draw a curved line from the left side of that scarf toward the bottom left. Then draw a short curved line to the left from its end.

Next we draw an egg-like shape to get the foot of the back leg.

Draw a front leg to the right of this foot. Then draw a line on this leg to get a foot. Next we will also draw two short horizontal lines on the right side of this leg.

Step 7 Draw the right side of the body

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In a similar way to the previous step, draw the right side of Rudolph's body, which is the other two legs.

While this Rudolph is basically symmetrical, there are some differences in certain details, such as the scarf and one of the front legs that will be finished here.

This front leg will look more complete because it is not covered by the scarf.

But don't worry too much, it doesn't increase the difficulty, you can still do it easily.

Step 8 Draw snowflakes and ground as background

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This Rudolph is a seated pose, so it is necessary for you to draw the ground. Rest assured, this only requires you to add two curved lines to the sides of its body.

Then we draw some circles of different sizes next to Rudolph as snowflakes. It's perfectly fine if you want to make the snowflakes a little more detailed.

So far we have finished this cartoon Rudolph and the background. Of course you might want to draw a Santa Claus or a Christmas tree, as long as you have the time, it's entirely up to you.

Step 9 Color this cartoon Rudolph

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Rudolph is familiar to all of us, and he is probably the most famous reindeer in the world. So you can easily color it and even make it a little bit different from the traditional image. But please remember to color his nose red!

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Download the PDF

Maybe you want to download this drawing tutorial. Just click the link below and you can get the PDF on "How to Draw Rudolph", it's free and printable. In addition to this, the pages of this PDF also contain a coloring page and the final reindeer.